The Bond of Baby Wearing

June 21, 2019

Baby wearing is something I truly enjoy and will continue to do as long as my boys allow it or I physically can’t. The bond it created is priceless. I was unable to wear my first until he was a toddler (Luke). He has sensory issues so I wasn’t able to feel a hug or hold his hand until just recently at about 3 years old. He did however take to being worn “his ups” the last year, and I honestly think it’s the closeness that makes him feel secure. I can keep him calm in the grocery store or other crowded places with wearing. This bond we have I swear was created by him first trusting me to carry him close.

For my second tiny human Colt, he is a little monkey who wants to be worn all the time. With all of Luke’s appointments carriers have been essential. He doesn’t miss a nap and can be calmed in minutes. It’s so much easier to keep a carrier strapped around my waist than a bulky stroller (however they do come in handy). In my experience, this is a bond building adventure and you would be surprised at what you can get done when your little is strapped snuggled and close. If I could recommend one thing to any new mother it would be to add a carrier to your baby registry. Check out the “M” shape for baby to be in proper hip placement (not all carriers have this setting) and there are so many brands designed to fit any mamas budget. You should definitely try it if haven’t already.

3 responses to “The Bond of Baby Wearing”

  1. K says:

    I really miss baby wearing so much.

  2. Nicki Odom says:

    I love baby wearing!! Still do sometimes even though my little one is so mobile.

  3. Marissa says:

    I love this posting mama!

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