Jun. 14, 2022

Embracing The Chaos

Being a mom is hard enough without all the pressure to be perfect. Social media plays a huge roll in creating unrealistic expectations. I see the posts with moms all put together and their kids coordinated like an Old Navy Ad. I can barely get my kids out the door without a mess, and rarely do their socks even match. When I see photos of the picture-perfect family calmly eating dinner, I cannot relate at all. Dinner and bedtime are the most hectic times for us. Everyone wants something different; food fights happen and if I’m lucky I can enjoy a bite myself. Social media portrays the images of lives that aren’t always realistic. While scrolling through feeds you have to remind yourself that most of those photos are not candid. I would stress over creating the perfect environment like I would see others in. The truth is its not like that at all. At least not in this household.

I’ve learned that its okay to walk out the door looking like a hot mess, because you just spent 20 minutes dealing with a tantrum and the other just hand a massive meltdown. Its normal to feel frustrated because you spent all day wrangling kids at the beach to create a family photo, and not a single thing went as planned. Not everyone is going to be happy ALL the time. Motherhood is hard, so freaking hard and you rarely see the pictures of a mom breaking down in the bathroom to cry. All of the hard parts of motherhood are okay and even though it doesn’t make for the perfect photo in your feed, they are still experiencing them trust me. Nothing is perfect.

As I lowered my expectations of what motherhood SHOULD look like, I’ve enjoyed it much more. I’ve stopped worrying about taking the perfect family picture, and I am trying to work on managing my stress and patience. I’ve completely stopped comparing my family life to others and the amount of relief I feel is amazing. Slowly but surely this mama is learning to stop comparing, and simply embrace the chaos. Life is too short to stress over what we think things should look like.